Skin Care Samples – How To Get Your Hands On Some

Skin care samples do exist, though a floundering amount of women are actually asking for them, leaving them to go to waste. Skin care samples are great as you are able to test out a product for a reduced price, or in a lot of cases you can give a product a try for free! This can wind up costing you a whole lot of cash (let’s face it, skin care products are not cheap) and it also helps show that the company who is creating these products is reputable and accountable.

Any company who is willing to set some of their profits aside to offer free samples to their customers is a company who stands by their products and is a company you can trust.

If you are one of the many women these days that has never asked for a skin care sample, you may not know where to find them. There are actually quite a few different ways you can come across some skin care samples. The easiest of all is:

  1. Try the Drugstore and Department Store. These stores have a whole lot of products, which means that they probably have a whole lot of samples! Check out your nearest drug or department store and see if they do have any skin care products that you may be interested in. Make a list of 3-5, and then ask the person behind the beauty counter whether or not they have any sample you can try. Drug and department store samples are almost always free, so all you have to do is ask!
  2. Check Out a Company’s Website. Can’t find a sample for a product in the store? Check out any company’s website and see if they do advertise offering samples to their customers. If they do not advertise offering sample, take the next step and contact their customer service team. You will be surprised by how easily you can even get a free product simply by contacting customer service and asking them for a sample.
  3. Online Sample Companies. This is perhaps the best place to find the most diverse lot of skin care samples. Run a search for make up or skin care samples online in any search engine and you will undoubtedly be inundated with websites that will offer you FREE samples (though they usually will charge shipping fees, so be aware of that). The catch? Nothing, really. A lot of these cheap or “free” skin care sample websites are created to drive traffic to advertisements that they have on their website. Their goal is definitely not to make money off of the samples.

If you do choose to go with an online company for free samples, don’t be afraid to ask a couple of questions such as how fresh the product is (when is it going to expire?) and what company it is being shipped from.