Skin Care for Men

Not sure what skin care for men entails? A lot of the same sort of products that are available to women are now available to men, though there certainly are some differences. Let’s start with the biggest difference in skin care for men and women:

Shaving Skin Care Products

Most men shave on a nearly daily basis, meaning that their face goes through a whole lot of wear and tear. Though there are a lot of fantastic razors on the market these days as well as wonderful products that really cool and refresh your skin after a good shave you need the right sort of products for when you are shaving, and after you are shaving.

Shaving cream or gel does not have to “foam” to be effective; you can use a non-foaming gel too, which actually may even be more preferable! You want to be sure that you find a lotion that is loaded with vitamin E and other moisturizing ingredients, like aloe vera, that will also help calm your skin.

TIP: Though you can save money by choosing a drugstore brand of shaving gel, definitely throw that old bar of soap aside! Soap can also clog up and damage your razor blades, rendering the razor less effective and actually more harmful for you skin!

Aftershave is meant to hydrate your skin and to help prevent any discomfort. Again look for aftershave products that are as natural as possible (this will help prevent any bad skin reactions) such as aloe vera and natural oils. Aftershave lotions that contain menthol will also help soothe your dry and irritated skin.

Facial Cleansers

There are most certainly male-centric facial cleansers out there! This isn’t to say that a man’s face is any more or less dirty than a woman’s. The main objective here is really to provide men with cleansing products that have a more “manly musk” and more masculine packaging than most of the women facial care products on the market. If you do need to save a bit of cash on skin care for men, skip here and choose one of the several “female” cleansers that are on sale that week.

Anti-Aging Products

It is important for men to maintain their youthful glow too! Men’s anti-aging products these days are incredibly similar to women’s, several offering collagen to help improve elasticity and a minimum of SPF 15 to help ward off any of the detrimental effects that the sun would otherwise have on the skin.

When selecting a moisturizer for men, you again always want to be sure that you are choosing as natural a product as possible. Unlike women, men’s cheeks, chins and upper lip go through a whole lot more torment because of the shaving process. This means that it leaves the man’s facial skin open to more irritation and damage. Treat your face right and opt for safe, non-irritating product – even if they do cost $5 more.