Reflect Your Mood with Color Changing Nail Polish

Color changing nail polish, also commonly referred to as “mood nail polish” is a truly unique experience. These nail polish formulations will actually change color based on either the changes in heat that your body is emitting, or changes in lighting. Some women even swear that they are now wearing their emotions on their fingertips as their friends and co-workers can see just how she’s feeling by checking out her nail polish color!

Color changing nail polish comes in an array of different color mixes to suit you own personal tastes, such as pastel color changes to more solid hue changes to truly bold color changes such as a deep green morphing into an ever-so-sparkly blue.

You may be thinking that this is just some silly gimmicky new take on nail polish, but fact of the matter is that women every where, both young and old, are beginning to give this color changing nail polish a bit more attention. Though there are some brands out there that are not nearly as good as the rest, here are a couple of the personal color changing nail polish favorites that you can easily find in stores:

Del Sol Color Changing Nail Polish: Why Del Sol color changing nail polishes are so popular these days is because they come in several different color choices. You can find almost any sort of color changing combination to suit your own personal style and tastes. In addition to a large selection, Del Sol color changing nail polish is quite durable, so you can forget worrying about that chipping, scratching, and fading that you are usually forced to deal with when it comes to nail polish.

Some of the top choices from the color changing line include “First Kiss” (this color begins as a soft pink and transforms to a bright, bold cranberry shade in the sun) and “Day Dreamer” (you begin with a light iridescent purple shade that then transforms to a glitzy dark lilac).

Claire’s Color Changing Nail Polish: Almost anyone knows where to find a Claire’s, making this nail polish one of the most accessible out there. Claire’s offers a decent variety of color changing nail polish shades and tones, and they do make very reasonably priced and decent quality nail polish products. The only problem is that their selection of mood changing nail polish is fairly limited, so don’t be all too surprised if you’re stuck with just a couple of choices.

TOMA Color Changing Nail Polish: TOMA is another nail polish brand that offers a wide range of different color options when it comes to their color changing line. A lot of women of many ages actually use the TOMA color changing nail polish in their nail art for that extra cool and funky look. If you do choose to go with TOMA, try to buy an anti-chip top coat as this nail polish will chip after a day or two.