How To Do Makeup For Dark Brown Eyes

You’re a brown-eyed girl? Well, you are sharing an eye color with a half population of the world! In fact, a majority of people have dark brown eyes – a dominant feature in humans. This color is the mixture of red, blue, and yellow (3 primary colors on the color wheel). If you’re afraid that your eye color is boring to do the makeup, let us tell you one thing: brown eyes look good with any eye-shadow color (from light to dark).

For the brown-eyed girls out there, if you’re looking for eye makeup tips, don’t try so hard. To create the perfect makeup for your eyes, there are many choices you can make. Also, with the dark brown color, most of the women can pull off black (or brown) eyeliner. If you are creating a strong and glamorous look, try to do the smokey eyes. However, you can totally bring out the natural beauty inside by applying a simple natural makeup.

How To Enhance The Greatest Look For Your Dark Brown Eyes?

There are many ways to play up your beautiful brown eyes. With the various features of each person, we’re sure every single of you can carry a different look, so don’t be afraid to experiment. In this section, we’ll show you how to bring out the color in your eyes.

To enhance the intense look in the eyes, it’s best to use black eyeliner and mascara.

Use kohl, pencil, gel, and intense shadow to draw lines for your eyes.
Apply the blackest mascara fitting your need in different events. It can be lengthening, thickening, and more.

Always draw a line to your upper lid and the outer of your lower lash line.
Use the waterline if you want to get a dramatic look.

Tips: there are 3 main styles you can apply to your dark brown eyes; that focusing on – natural beauty, bold (strong) look, or subtle look.

Choose The Right Colors For Your Eyes

Actually, there’s no color you should always avoid since your eye color is dark so that nothing can clash with it. But, we still want to give you few words in select color when doing eye makeup.

It’s not amazing if you pick yellow-based or golden shadow shades for the eye makeup. Also, please stay away from the royal purple, deep turquoise, burgundy, cobalt blue, and chocolate browns.

If you have warm undertones, don’t get into cool grays, purples, blue-toned pinks. And, never try shades like gold, olive green, or deep rust-browns. Besides, remember to avoid matte pastels too.