Gel Pedicure – The Longer Lasting Pedicure

Can any woman honestly say that she enjoys the moment that her perfect pedicure chips, scrapes, or flakes off? Having to redo or replace any missing nail polish from either the toes or the fingernails is a real pain, so much so that you would think that SOMEone would have created a chip-resistant fool-proof way to wear nail polish.

That’s where gel pedicures come in. Gel pedicures have been around for a short while, but recently the demand for gel pedicures has been on the rise – and for a good reason. Gel pedicures guarantee you a longer lasting pedicure.

If going to the beach was a problem for your pedicure before, it won’t be now as the gel pedicure is resistant to salt and water. As a matter of fact, it cannot even be dissolved or removed with a nail polish remover! It maintains that glossy sheen no matter what you do. This type of pedicure is almost seemingly impervious to becoming damaged.

You don’t need to worry about chipping, fading, or peeling. Your biggest concern will be having to either have the pedicure filled as your nails grow out, or having the pedicure removed from your feet. The good news is that toe nails tend to grow far more slowly than fingernails, so you can go up to 2 months with a gel pedicure and not even have to touch it up once!

You can have a gel pedicure done in any color you can think of. As decals and gems grow in popularity, it’s good to know that these sorts of additions can easily be applied to your gel pedicure.

So just how is a gel pedicure applied to your feet?

If you have ever had a false gel nail manicure, then you will be quite familiar with the process. The gel nails tend to be made from a premixed polymer solution and monomer gel. This solution is applied to each of your toenails. Then, your feet will be placed underneath an ultra violet or UV light so that the nails can be “cured” to your feet. The curing process allows the gel nail to properly shape and confirm to your toenail. The nails are then cut to size and filed so that they look natural.

TIP: You can also opt for no-light gel nails if you have concerns about the UV radiation, but be sure to call the spa or salon beforehand to ensure that they offer this type of service. For no-light gels, a special “activator” is brushed or sprayed directly onto the nail, or these nails can even be dipped in water.

Once the nails have been properly cured to your feet, you’re ready to have the nail polish applied! The fun part about your toenails is that you can really let your wild side come out and play. You may not be able to pull off rainbow fingernails, but not everyone can always see your toes! Take advantage of the different patterns and designs out there too and really “wow” anyone who is privileged to see your cute pretty toes.