European Skin Care and Beauty Treatments – Pure Sophisticated Quality

It’s no secret that the Europeans have been focused on creating quality skin care products for a long while now, many of which have the very same formulations that they had many years ago due to just how effective they really are. This is the very reason why just so many men and women choose European skin care products and treatments to help treat their skin.

Listed below are some of the very best European skin care treatments that you will be able to find in spas across the globe.

AHA Peels and Exfoliating treatments

These treatments will help remove all of the dead and dry skin cells from your face, allowing for the new and refreshed skin cells to shine on through. These alpha-hydroxy acid treatments will also help reduce break outs, keep your skin young and healthy looking, and unclog your pores (this is particularly important if you do happen to have oily skin).

These treatments don’t come cheap. Expect to pay at least $75 at the least expensive salon for one of these treatments, though if you do plan to have more than one of these treatments ask them for their package deal price.

Eye Renewal Treatments

There are a whole lot of eye renewal treatments out there that promise to reduce the signs of aging. This means that the dark circles under your eyes will dissipate, the fine lines will disappear, and any puffiness that there may have been will go away. Most of these treatments involve the application of a mask that helps revive and restore the thin, delicate skin around your eyes with both natural products and chemical formulations.

Body Wraps

There are a lot of body wraps that you can find out there, but one that is often used involve the use of algae and seaweed. Both of these products will help detoxify your body and rid them of damaging toxins, pollutants, and free radicals. Your glands are often also stimulated as a result, which helps encourage your body to work at optimal levels. You will come out of the spa feeling more energetic and revived than ever before!


Microdermabrasion treatments have become all the rage as women and men both are realizing just how beneficial it is to have dead skin cells removed from their skin. Microdermabrasion treatments will also help reduce the appearance of scars, stretch marks, and any other blemishes that may be affecting your overall sense of beauty. There are some different methods of having a microdermabrasion performed, so be sure to ask your European skin care spa about just how they perform this task and what it involves.

Manicures and Pedicures

Manicures and pedicures are perhaps the most common beauty treatment that a woman will have done, as it is not only often the least expensive spa or salon “treatment” available but a woman instantly feels more beautiful with a set of perfect, polished nails. One of the types of manicures and pedicures that originated in Europe was, of course, the French manicure! If you have had a French manicure, ask for the French pedicure for a clean, professional look.