Clear Mascara – Is It Right for You?

So just how can clear mascara work for anyone?

Clear mascara definitely isn’t for everyone. When it comes to trying to make your lashes look darker and fuller, if you have light colored eyelashes that are blond or light brown, clear mascara will not be of any use for you in this regard. If you do happen to have darker eyelashes already that are quite thick, clear mascara can give you that polished, natural look.

If you do have lighter lashes and want to pull off that more “natural” look, then clear mascara can help you there too – just don’t expect any volume to be added to your lashes by using it. Clear mascara will help define your lashes, separate your lashes, and keep them from bunching and overlapping, something that women with longer lashes have a problem with.

Some cosmetics that you can pair up with your clear mascara to get that dewy, fresh faced look is a tinted facial powder (try to go for a mineral powder if at all possible), a natural shade of blush (think of the flush of your skin after a run or a good work out), a neutral down eyeshadow and an eye liner that is a brown or light charcoal shade.

After you cleanse and moisturize your face, lightly dust the mineral powder of your forehead, nose, chin and cheeks and then apply a neutral shade of eyeshadow to your lid. Try to opt for a peach or taupe shade of eyeshadow, and fill in the crease with a light grey or light brown shade. Next, take your eye liner and create a thin line along your upper eyelashes.

Then take the clear mascara and sweep it over your lashes, from base to tip, to really finish off your eye makeup. Complete your look by applying blush to the apples of your cheeks and you’re set!

Another use for clear mascara is to use it as a touch up tool. If you already have a black or dark brown mascara on, you can sweep the clear mascara over your mascara to help keep it on and prevent it from flaking off or smudging under your eyes. Some women use a colored mascara for these touch ups, but using a colored mascara can make your lashes appear thick, clumpy, and very unnatural. Clear mascara will keep your lashes separated and prevent you from having that “caked on” look after reapplication.

TIP: If you do use the clear mascara as a touch up tool, make sure that you do keep the mascara wand very clean. After you use the clear mascara wand, wash it with warm soapy water and then pat it dry with either a clear tissue or a cotton cloth (be sure to use materials that won’t leave residues or material behind on the wand). This will help prevent contamination.