Beauty Product Samples – Try Before You Buy

Free beauty product samples are everywhere! You just need to know where to look. So before you raid your friend’s make up or beauty cabinet, here are some great ways to find beauty product samples at little to no cost to you!

Beauty Product Samples Online

All you have to do is type in the words “beauty product samples” into any search engine and you will be bombarded by websites that are offering free, great products. What’s the catch? Nothing, really. Most of these websites are created just to get you to look at the paid advertisements. The products they offer are free, and sometimes they may offer free shipping (this is mostly if you live within the country it is being shipped from, so do be cautious of any shipping fees).

Some of the free samples you can find online include makeup samples of the hottest new shades and brands on the market, luxurious skin care samples, free waxing and shaving products, and even vitamins!

Beauty Product Samples in Stores

One of the best places to find beauty product samples is your local drugstore! Drugstores carry a ton of different products, which means a whole lot of free samples for you to try. You can try beauty product samples right on the shelves for a number of products, but don’t be afraid to ask the beautician behind the counter for some free samples as well. You will be amazed by just how many free beauty product samples you can find.

TIP: A lot of drugstores and beauty shops will also give you a free make over, which is a great way for you to test out their product, especially makeup products.

Did you know that supermarkets and grocery stores also have free beauty product samples? It’s true! Ask them what sort of products they carry and if they have any samples available before you commit to spending $10-$100 on any given product they may carry.

Beauty Product Samples in the Mail

A lot of companies regularly circulate beauty product samples in the mail, or in the newspaper. If you are ever curious what samples may be circulated in your area, try calling your post office or the local newspaper company. The products that you will find in the mail or tucked inside of a newspaper are usually the latest, hottest products on the market, so this is definitely a good way to find samples.

TIP: Newspaper companies almost always have excess samples, no matter what the product. Try giving them a call to get your hand on a few free samples and stock up!

So before you spend a ton of cash on that new moisturizer or lipstick that you have been dying to use, be money conscious and ask for a free sample.