Babyliss PRO Nano Titanium Straightening Iron Review

Babyliss PRO Nano Titanium Straightening Iron is one of the best hair straighteners, this version of the hair straightener is popular among people mainly because of its smoothness in its operation and the one that is very affordable within a small range. It is because these qualities that this model has become extremely popular.

Following are the various features of this product

Less time in straightening the hair

The time taken by this device to dry the hair is very low. Usually, this is what most of the people look at. If the device takes too much of time, it is not liked by the people. but with this device time becomes a major advantage.

Presence of an LED screen

The heating of the machine is up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, due to the presence of the LED screen one can manually read the temperature level and modify it as per the requirement. This unique LED feature is not available in all the machines.

Plates are quite long

As discussed for the best hair straightener the plates are the most crucial factors in deciding its utility. The plates of this device are extra long giving a proper grip to the hair and ensuring that each and every hair is treated properly. As a result his has become one of the popular products in the hair treatment industry.

Extreme lightweight

The light weightiness of the product makes it a very popular choice amongst the users. As it the operation is very simple and the grip of the product is extremely good, it makes the product one of the most popular choices of the youngsters.


One of the customers was not happy about the fact that the warranty mentioned on the product is not authentic. It is a fake warranty. When he tried to approach the company the company did not give him very good response. One of the customers even went to the extent of saying that this product did not work properly and did not give full value for money.


Though there are many cons mentioned about the product, majority of the customers are very happy about their purchase of the product and feel that it gave good value for their hard earned money. The convenience with which the machine operated added a feather to the cap.