How To Do Makeup For Dark Brown Eyes

You’re a brown-eyed girl? Well, you are sharing an eye color with a half population of the world! In fact, a majority of people have dark brown eyes – a dominant feature in humans. This color is the mixture of red, blue, and yellow (3 primary colors on the color wheel)...

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Discover the best flat iron in beauty salons

One of the first models we recommend is the PHI Ionic Pro Ceramic Flat Iron. It is in our eyes the best titanium flat iron around, with its silky smooth ceramic tourmaline plates that won’t pull or snag your hair. Its Tourmaline plates generate ions to eliminate static electricity and seal the cuticle layer for hair that is smooth, shiny and silky.Read More

Put Pretty S Waves in your Hair with a Double Barrel Iron

This style appeals to both the young and adults. It is safe to use, which means it can be used on children’s hair. Whether your hair is long or short, the double barrel iron will give it that unique finish without breaking your hair. The difference between the double barrel and the triple barrel is the number of curls created. The best curling irons use the same concept only with a wavy barrel. It produces the same effect with more waves and curls. It is used more with the children for that adorable look.

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Taking Care of Black hair

Do not brush your hair very harshly. Use a wide-toothed comb while detangling the hair, to avoid breakage. And also pay attention to straigtening – always use a special flat iron for african american hair.

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Anti-Aging Skin Care Ingredients – What Are You Really Putting On Your Skin?

One of the most important things you must do before buying any anti aging skin care product is to turn over the bottle and read about just what ingredients you can expect to find in your anti aging skin care product.

Listed below are some of the very most essential ingredients that need to be in your anti aging skin care product of choice to ensure...

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Anti Aging Products and Tips

So what are you looking for in an anti aging skin care product?

Some of the most common signs of aging are wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, and sagging skin. A lot of women may not actually have all of these problems, so you can start eliminating products based on need...

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How To Get Clear Skin

Dirt, pollutants, genetics, hormones, and even products that we come in contact with can all cause acne, eczema, pimples, wrinkles, and a whole lot of other problems.

If you’re looking to get clear skin, here are some things you can start doing TODAY to become blemish free:

  1. Stop touching your face...
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Reflect Your Mood with Color Changing Nail Polish

Color changing nail polish, also commonly referred to as “mood nail polish” is a truly unique experience. These nail polish formulations will actually change color based on either the changes in heat that your body is emitting, or changes in lighting...

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Organic Skin Care Products – Things To Look Out For

The more we discover just how much damage certain ingredients and chemicals that are in our beauty products are doing to us, the more we seek natural, healthier alternatives and options.

The organic skin care products that are on the market today are increasing in popularity, though there are some things you definitely need to be on the look out fo...

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Private Label Skin Care – The Hidden Gems of Skin Care Brands

Ever been completely discouraged by what the beauty and skin care market has to offer you? If you have, then you are like most women out there. A lot of the time there is a “void” in the skin care market where certain customer demands and needs are not being met by the products that are being produced.

This is when private label skin care produ...

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How To Start a Beauty Clinic

As jobs become all the more scarce, men and women like are exploring other job options, especially job options that are related to a passion of their own. If you are passionate about beauty, cosmetology, and hair, then you should definitely consider starting a “beauty clinic”.

What is a Beauty Clinic?

The good news is that a beauty clinic can b...

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Japanese Skin Care Tips

What makes Japanese skin care so different from the rest? Japanese skin care has more of a “holistic” focus when it comes to curing any sort of skin problem you may have, or when it comes to treating any skin type you may possess. This approach has been used for centuries and has always yielded the very best results.

Japanese skin care also foc...

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The Best Skin Care Lines For Your Skin

All of us have different needs when it comes to our skin which is exactly why different skin care lines have been created. Whether it is acne you are worried about or aging, mature skin or any other number of skin issues, there’s a good chance that there is a skin care line out there for you.

Best Anti Aging Skin Care Line: Revaleskin

Revaleskin ...

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Beauty Product Samples – Try Before You Buy

Free beauty product samples are everywhere! You just need to know where to look. So before you raid your friend’s make up or beauty cabinet, here are some great ways to find beauty product samples at little to no cost to you!

Beauty Product Samples Online

All you have to do is type in the words “beauty product samples” into any search engine and ...

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Herbal Skin Care Is Now Making A Comeback

Ask your grandmother, your great grandmother, or even your great great grandmother and she will tell you that herbs have been used as being part of a woman’s skin care regime for as long as she can remember.

As large companies began to crop up and mass produced items became sold in stores, herbal skin care products fell by the wayside...

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How to Deal with Sensitive Skin

The first and most important thing about sensitive skin is acknowledging that this is not a temporary thing. Once you have sensitive skin, particularly on a certain part of your body, you will tend to always have sensitive skin in that area for life.

Sensitive skin can arise due to a number of different factors, such as:

  • Food allergies
  • Chemicals/d...
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Skin Care for Men

Not sure what skin care for men entails? A lot of the same sort of products that are available to women are now available to men, though there certainly are some differences. Let’s start with the biggest difference in skin care for men and women:

Shaving Skin Care Products

Most men shave on a nearly daily basis, meaning that their face goes throu...

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Clear Mascara – Is It Right for You?

So just how can clear mascara work for anyone?

Clear mascara definitely isn’t for everyone. When it comes to trying to make your lashes look darker and fuller, if you have light colored eyelashes that are blond or light brown, clear mascara will not be of any use for you in this regard...

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European Skin Care and Beauty Treatments – Pure Sophisticated Quality

It’s no secret that the Europeans have been focused on creating quality skin care products for a long while now, many of which have the very same formulations that they had many years ago due to just how effective they really are...

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Skin Care Samples – How To Get Your Hands On Some

Skin care samples do exist, though a floundering amount of women are actually asking for them, leaving them to go to waste...

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Different Types of Skin Treatments

Here are some of the most popular skin treatments that you will find out on the market today to help you decide whether or not it is the right type of treatment for you:


“Botox” is a nickname given to the protein that is derived from the botulism toxin...

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Gel Pedicure – The Longer Lasting Pedicure

Can any woman honestly say that she enjoys the moment that her perfect pedicure chips, scrapes, or flakes off? Having to redo or replace any missing nail polish from either the toes or the fingernails is a real pain, so much so that you would think that SOMEone would have created a chip-resistant fool-proof way to wear nail polish.

That’s where gel...

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Skin Care Sales – Save Money and Look Great

Skin care products can cost you an arm and a leg if you aren’t careful about it! Any good quality cleansing product on the market can set you back $10-$30. A good moisturizer can cost the same, if not more...

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Swiss Skin Care Products 100%

The Swiss are renowned for creating some of the best anti-aging, re-hydrating, and luxurious products out there. With all of the different Swiss skin care and beauty products on the market, it can be pretty hard to decide just which one is worth trying out, and which are definitely to be passed up on...

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